About The Philly Fund

Registered Missouri nonprofit

“The Philly Fund” is a registered non-profit with all proceeds supporting low income families with children who have ADHD. We thank you all for your kind and generous support of The Philly Fund and the memory of Philip Frisella.

Charity Overview

The Philly Fund began in 2003 in memory of Philip A Frisella and strives to enhance the lives of children and families that are affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and other learning disabilities through financial support.  Philly Fund Scholarships are granted to students and children who are diagnosed with ADHD or other learning disabilities.

Scholarship Recipients


M, 12, is a spunky, smart girl who had a lot of difficulty with reading and math in her early years at school. She began to dread school and her self esteem was way down.  In third grade, she was diagnosed with ADHD and several other learning impairments. Her parents needed extra funds to help M get specialized treatment, especially after her younger brother was diagnosed with a learning disability as well.


K is in 5th grade at Howard Park School and has been diagnosed with ADHD & autism.  K has 4 brothers & sisters and all have been diagnosed with special needs.  K’s family needed extra help with school tuition, and Howard Park contacted the Philly Fund.

“B” & “A”

PS Kids is an agency offering professional pediatric therapy services for developmentally and socially delayed children.  The Philly Fund granted a scholarship that is applied to different children whose therapies would be lost due to the parents inability to pay out of pocket for the services.  So far, we’ve been able to help B & A continue their speech and behavior therapy after their insurance for these services ran out.

2 responses to “About The Philly Fund

  1. Dear Philly 5k,
    I had a wonderful time at your race on Sunday! Thank you so much for getting me out to “the Hill” for a fun event and a great cause.
    I had to leave directly after the race and missed the awards ceremony, but think I may have placed second for women. If there was a medal awarded, is it possible to pick it up or have it mailed to me? I hope you don’t find that silly — it is nice for me to have the memento.
    Thanks again —
    Sam Rhoades

    • Sam,

      Thank you so much for running in the rain with us! Any unclaimed medals will be mailed to the winners this Friday or early next week.

      Have a great day,
      Nick Frisella

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